Explore temperate rainforest, rugged beaches and history on the West Coast

The town of Hokitika occupies a spectacular location in the heart of New Zealand’s famous West Coast. This region has a long and fascinating history as an ancient source of pounamu (greenstone) for Maori and as the site of a major Nineteenth Century gold rush. Today, it is famous for its art galleries and craft studios, its spectacular hiking trails through lush native rainforest, its pristine lakes and wild beaches, its precious New Zealand wildlife and its warm West Coast hospitality.

West Coast weather – live webcam

It is true that the West Coast is a temperate rainforest but that doesn´t mean it rains all the time … just that when it rains, it pours! New Zealand’s West Coast often enjoys beautiful sunny days, especially in the winter months when there fresh snow on the mountains and not a cloud in the sky.

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Things to do in Hokitika

Some outstanding local attractions to enjoy during your stay at Beachfront Hotel include: